SearchCap: Google Maps, ads, AMP & search updates - Search Engine Land

SearchCap: Google Maps, ads, AMP & search updates - Search Engine Land

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

Google asking dissatisfied searchers to submit questions manually in the search results

May 9, 2018 by Barry Schwartz If Google doesn’t have content for your query, it may ask you to help content creators to make content that will eventually rank for your query.

Save the date: SMX East returns to New York City in October

May 9, 2018 by Chris Sherman Search Engine Land’s SMX East search marketing conference is returning to New York City Oct. 23-25. If you’re involved in marketing, PR, social media or any other customer-facing activity, you owe it to yourself (and your company’s or client’s bottom line) to attend the show. SMX East delivers cutting-edge tips and techniques you’ll put to […]

Google updates mobile-friendly test, rich results test tools to better support JavaScript sites

May 9, 2018 by Barry Schwartz Is your site heavily built in JavaScript? No worries. Google just updated two of its popular tools to support it.

A time-saving free script to keep Ad Grants accounts out of trouble

May 9, 2018 by Frederick Vallaeys When your free Ad Grants money is in on the line, contributor Frederick Vallaeys recommends an AdWords script that will keep track of your account and keep you from getting slapped with an AdWords account suspension.

Demoed at Google I/O: AMP cache URLs showing publisher’s URL instead of Google AMP URL

May 9, 2018 by Barry Schwartz Want to see how the new AMP URLs work in search? Google demoed showing the publisher’s URL over the Google AMP cache URL.

Google announces ads updates for app developers at Google I/O

May 9, 2018 by Ginny Marvin Google says 94 billion apps were downloaded from Google Play last year.

Google Assistant takes center stage at I/O, search takes a back seat

May 8, 2018 by Greg Sterling Search only mentioned twice in a nearly two-hour keynote that saw a long list of announcements.