Don't Let SPAM Comments Stop You From Blogging

Don't Let SPAM Comments Stop You From Blogging

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It’s easy to make excuses for not blogging. On the other hand, there are plenty of reasons that make sense.

But I find it a bit difficult to accept this as an excuse.

I am so tired of the SPAM comments that I have given up on my blog.

Yikes! That’s pretty severe.

SPAM Comments Can Be Frustrating

I am more than willing to join this club. They are no fun. And the spammers are getting more and more clever so it can be hard to draw the line on what is SPAM and what isn’t. In fact I talked about how I help myself to clarify the ones hanging in moderation waiting for my nod of the head— or not.

I get it when people choose to moderate comments. I do it myself.

I also get it when people close comments altogether. With comments in other spaces becoming more common, it’s tempting to close them on your blog. How many times have you shared a post on Facebook or Twitter, only to see readers go to your site to read it, but return to that platform to comment?

Yes, it happens all the time.

But seriously, stopping your blog altogether or not even starting one? That, in my opinion, is a disservice to yourself, your business and your site visitors. Use any excuse (or perfectly valid) reason for not wanting to blog, just don’t use that one.

What’s the Answer?

It takes some work to moderate your comments. And yes, SPAM will sneak through. First, make sure you have some type of anti-spam plugin on your site. Use Akismet and pay for their service, it’s not that much. Or purchase a Jetpack subscription to get automated spam filtering. It will be worth it, I can say that from experience.

If push comes to shove, close your comments, but be careful. If you have an active audience that likes to leave solid comments on your posts, you might be turning them off. It’s kind of like saying, hey you, shut up.

The bottom line: Do what serves your readers best and not yourself.

Don’t end your life as a blogger after a couple of cocktails and a SPAM comment that pushes you over the edge. Give it some serious thought.