How to Add Terms of Agreement Per Product to Easy Digital Downloads

How to Add Terms of Agreement Per Product to Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads plugin is one I highly recommend for creating an eCommerce store that is dependent on downloads. Of course, there are times when you need specific functionality but any plugin might not meet all your needs in that kind of scenario.

That is why extensions, both free and paid, are so critical.

Terms of Agreement

By default, you can create a global terms of agreement for all your downloads. You will find that under your EDD advanced settings. This will create the terms customers agree to at checkout.

Terms of Agreement For Specific Products in Easy Digital Downloads

There are cases where certain products have specific terms that go beyond the general terms covered in your Terms of Agreement. This can happen with downloaded products. And when it comes to those terms, you want to make sure you have covered yourself.

This can be done easily with a free plugin available for Easy Digital Downloads called Terms Per Product. And when I say easy, I mean easy.

Just install the plugin and when you edit an existing download or create a new one, you will find this field where you can add the custom terms for that specific download:

It’s really that simple. You can download the Terms Per Product plugin for free here.